Argo Automatizace, s.r.o.

About the Company

Argo Automatizace has actively operated within the electronic and automation industry since the start of 2005. For the short time of its existence, it can show a wide range of its activities – design work, implementation and engineering work in electro-technical constructions and technological complexes.


The last stage, “Increasing of navigation security, automatic control system and refilling of navigable level in Bata-Canal”, of the long-term development of the system “Bata-Canal Automation and Management” was completed in 2008.

Offer of services

Argo Automatizace is able to provide all activities in the areas of electronics (high voltage, low voltage, and extra low voltage), mechanical, electromechanical, and relay interlocking systems, and communication techniques and automation from the project, arranging of building permits, supply of materials, to final performance and an initial inspection report. We are also able to renovate older facilities using the original elements. We consider a training of operators, warranty and after-warranty service as a matter of course.


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