Offer of services

Argo Automatizaceis able to provide all activities in the areas of electronics (high voltage, low voltage, and extra low voltage), mechanical, electromechanical, and relay interlocking systems, and communication techniques and automation from the project, arranging of building permits, supply of materials, to final performance and an initial inspection report. We are also able to renovate older facilities using the original elements. We consider a training of operators, warranty and after-warranty service as a matter of course.

We can offer various technological equipments for optimisation of costs (e.g. lighting of operation areas depending on a movement etc.), decreasing of the number of operators by the implementation of remote controls for various technological complexes, using of other progressive systems, such as diagnostic systems, transfer of states of various devices to the centres of maintenance, fast identification of defects using GSM technology etc.

Technical and material equipment

The Company deals with the assembling of technological equipments for České dráhy, telecommunication and energetics. It carries out the assembling of security and communication facilities, cable networks using metallic and optical cables, PCM transmission systems, and relocation of external power transmission lines. It executes repairs of relay and electronic elements of communication and security facilities.

The Company provides all engineering services to the specified activities. It puts devices into operation, and supplies output inspection reports and service instructions. It carries out service activities, repairs of devices and training of operators for facilities newly developed and already operated.

The Company has its registered office in Brno and disposes of sufficient workshop and storage premises and accommodation capacity. It is equipped sufficiently with the mechanization to perform the stated activities.

Company owns:

  • Several smaller transport vehicles
  • Squeezing devices, electro centre 
  • Welding techniques
  • Machinery, workshop and manual equipment
  • Cable drum truck

The Company cooperates with organizations that provide one-shot and special jobs. Based on the cooperation and with the above-mentioned technical equipment, the Company has also sufficient instruments and capacity to arrange constructions of larger scale within the activities specified in the Certificate of Incorporation.


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