ČSPL, with its registered office at Děčín, was established on 13 June 1922 as the Československá plavební akciová společnost Labská, Praha (Czechoslovak Elbe Navigation Joint Stock Company, Prague). It was established by the former state and banks. The Company could have run all activities that related not only to the transport of goods and people but also to constructions and repairs of ships. Within years, significant changes were made in the operation of water transport and the most important one was the acquisition on 21 October 2002. At that time, a part of the joint stock company providing a river freight transport bought ARGO Internationale Spedition (currently ARGO BOHEMIA) and registered it under the name ČSPL. ČSPL has 293 employees in total and 102 units of ships with the tonnage of 66,812 tons and 13,674 kW. Its ships are currently regularly used in the sea ports of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and home ports in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and France.

Company history

The history of navigation and shipping service is very long. It practically started with cribbing but the bigger development was made after the so called “free navigation” (“volná plavba”). It means navigation on a river without the need to pay customs duties to governors of towns and territories situated on rivers.


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