Offer of services

Ships of ČSPL are regularly used in the sea ports of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and home ports in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and France. Ships of ČSPL may also use the connection of the Rhine-Main-Danube Channel in the direction to the Danubian Ports in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Main activities of ČSPL – shipping business

  • Providing of international and home transports on all European waterways:

    • mass substrates

    • containers

    • heavy and oversize pieces and investment units

  • Forwarding and logistic services within the river and sea transport industry

  • Forwarding and logistic services within the railway and road transport industry

  • Transport of ships, floaters, floating machines and racing boats in the storage space as well as by towing behind a ship

  • Combines transport (road – railway – water transport)

  • Storage in ships

  • Rent of traction and cargo ships (MNL LABE, TR610, TC1100, TC500, M types)

  • Arrangement of ship’s crews and pilots

  • Services of floating cranes

  • Unloading and completion by floating transhipment facilities ími

  • Services of tow and push boats

  • Repairs of ships by floating workrooms

  • Repairs of ship mechanisms, engines, ship systems, controls and equipment of ships

  • Rent of offices in the main building of ČSPL in Děčín

To order any service or to get necessery information, please contact the respective person by phone, mobile phone, email, or fax stated on the page of contact persons.

Public harbour of refuge Děčín – Rozbělesy (Veřejný ochranný přístav Děčín – Rozbělesy)

It is possible to use in the harbour:

  • Rent of ground spaces and offices

  • Services of floating dock for repairs of: 

    • ships
    • bottom parts of ships
    • replacement of screw propellers
    • replacement of rudders

Everybody must observe the applicable harbour regulations in the harbour. Mobile phone to the harbour-master is: +420 602 125 595

Loading depot Děčín - Loubí

Offered services:

  • Service centre for all types of ships offering, for example: supply of fuel, water, propane-butane, defecation of boats, using of crane up to 500 kg…

  • Fuel station for public (supply for road vehicles):

    • Open hours Monday - Friday from 6 am to 6 pm

    • It is possible to fill up oil and the ordinary equipment for the operation and maintenance of cars is available. Also bottled gas is available.

  • Wholesale – supply of fuel stations with fuel, lubricants, equipment for the operation and maintenance of cars. Storage of fuel.


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