Railway transports

  • Railway transport of wagon and container shipments within the relations of Europe and countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Offering of advantageous discounts of the tariff freight charges of ČD and other European and Asian railways, including the transit transport
  • Information about the movement of wagon and container shipments
  • Complete forwarding service allied to the transport to CIS countries
  • Transport of dangerous things within the RID regime
  • Consultancy and security supervision within the RID regime
  • Training of employees performing the loading, unloading or transport of dangerous things
  • Operation and administration of a siding line
  • Consultancy regarding siding operation
  • Arrangement of the rent of railway wagons
    • Discounts and services for home and international transport
    • Advantageous transit discounts in Hungary, Romania, Germany, Austria and countries of former Yugoslavia
    • Information about the movement of wagon shipments
    • Neutralization of documents
    • Tariff and price consultancy
    • Transport of mass substrates
    • Insurance of shipments, settlement of eventual insurance event
    • Complete forwarding service


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