River transport

  • Arrangement of international and home transport in all European waterways:
    • mass substrates
    • containers
    • heavy and oversize pieces and investment units
  • Forwarding and logistic services within the river and sea transport industry
  • Transport of ships, floaters, floating machines and racing boats in the storage space as well as by towing behind a ship
  • Combines transport (road – railway – water transport)
  • Storage in ships
  • Rent of traction and cargo ships (MNL LABE, TR610, TC1100, TC500, M types)
  • Arrangement of ship’s crews and pilots
  • Services of floating cranes
  • Unloading and completion by floating transhipment facilities
  • Services of tow and push boats
  • Repairs of ships by floating workrooms
  • Repairs of ship mechanisms, engines, ship systems, controls and equipment of ships

Public harbour of refuge Děčín – Rozbělesy

It is possible to use in the harbour:

  • Rent of ground spaces and offices
  • Services of floating dock for repairs of:
    • ships
    • bottom parts of ships
    • replacement of screw propellers
    • replacement of rudders


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